Building Upon Strengths

As a licensed psychologist, I am committed to making a difference in the lives of children,
adolescents, and adults for whom learning, attention, behavior, or emotional disorders pose a
challenge to accessing their strengths. During the initial assessment, I strive to obtain a thorough
understanding of the challenges to optimal functioning in the home, school, work and/or social
settings.  I often find that prior to our meeting, people have been given inaccurate and often
demoralizing explanations for their difficulties.  I believe that people generally want to succeed and
that problems in functioning stem from obstacles they currently do not have the skills to overcome.
The goal, then, is to discover and build upon strengths and to remediate or accommodate areas of
challenge to personal satisfaction or achievement.

Specialities                                                         Services Provided
ADD/ADHD                        Depression                                        A Fee-For Service Psychology Practice Offering
Anxiety                             Dyslexia                                                Comprehensive Psychological Evaluations &
Behavior Disorders           Gifted/Learning Disabled                      Parent & School Consultation

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Julie A. Morrison, Psy.D.
Building Upon Strengths